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Since 1968, when his first poem Sebuah Sumpah Derhaka was published in Majalah Mastika, our dad, yassinsalleh, has written voraciously, but at the same time is so disorganized that we could hardly keep track of what he has written. It is even worse now that he writes his poems in his phone and sms it to us his children. Believe you me, he spent a lot of money on smsing long poem to us that is sometimes lost to accidental deleting. So we, his three children - Yasleh Rita Ayu, Yasleh Hani Wati, and Yasleh Khaliff Amri - decided that enough is enough, we need to keep some kind of record of his poetry, thus the creation of this blog. This will be a cache to collect all his old poems and a safe to keep all his future ones. In the film world, mentioning my dad's name will immediately brings to mind his 10 awards winning film Dia Ibuku in which he personally won 2 - Best Director and Best Screenplay- but in the literary world the poem ikan-ikan di kaca is synonymous to him, hence the name of this blog.

ikan-ikan di kaca
(buat adik-adikku tom dan ani)

pun mentari sudah tiada api
dan bulan yang merdu
sudah sejuk nyanyinya
di hujung jari jemari embun
kita masih belum terlalu lewat
untuk menerima satu hakikat

kita anak-anak satu keturunan
yang menganuti escapisme
selama ini
ikan-ikan di kaca
ikan-ikan di kaca.

ikan-ikan di kaca indah alamnya
ikan-ikan di kaca gemulai renangnya
ikan-ikan di kaca manja hidupnya
ikan-ikan di kaca terpenjara sebenarnya.

tidak lama lagi
akan kering
dan mentari
berapi kembali
kalian sudah mengerti
bahawa kita
selama ini
ikan-ikan di kaca
masihkah kita
ikan-ikan di kaca?

Kuala Lumpur akhir 1969
Dewan Masyarakat, April 1970 "

(dari blog ikanikandikaca)

Dan inisiatif anak-anakku tersayang ini, aku abadikan disini.

Terima kasih Abang, terima kasih Along, terima kasih Adik.

What a wonderful world. - yassinsalleh

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Prayer

Once upon a lonely night
i whispered a desperate plea
to the constant best friend
in my life,
i said,
know that i am grateful
for all You have given me
and i accept everything
with the grace You have bestowed,
would it be too much
to ask for a companion
to accompany me on this hard
lonely road you have set me,
someone wise
so he can guide me
someone with humour
so he can laugh with me and make me laugh
someone kind
so he’ll be gentle with my capricious mood
someone with the strength of heart
so he can take all the blows we’ll face
and Lord,
if it is not too much
can he sing too?

Well now after another lonely night,
all i can say Lord,
thank you, Alhamdulillah,
my lonely nights are because of missing
that someone You sent,
my prayers You answered so spectacularly,
but the singing was too much to ask, eh?

18 March 2011
7.25 a.m.
Posted by rya at 3/18/2011 07:26:00 AM

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